WOW…IM MOVING TO LAS VEGAS! (this is a good story…) SRSLY (maybe)

Well, it is 1:33am and I am supposed to be in bed.  But how can I sleep when i have SO much to do?!  The last thing I need is a cold to weaken me at the crucial moment in life, but I just feel like blogging!  Havn’t posted since March, but MAN a LOT has happened.

Not only was I offered a full time spot at Disney, but two weeks later, I got a call at 1am Texas time, 11pm OC time, 11pm Vegas time.  I was in Texas for my other job’s leadership conference.  So I get a call, and its the company manager of Jubilee, the longest running show in Las Vegas, the legendary, most amazing, beautiful dance show in one of the world’s entertainment capitals.  Like.  WOW.

They offered me a spot in the company as a SHOWGIRL!  I will be there till September, if not longer.

Now you have to understand, and maybe you’ve seen my posts, I have wanted to move to Vegas to be a showgirl for a LONG time!  This was a dream, a passion, an adventure.  So when I get this call, a year after I auditioned, in a strange hotel room in Texas….like…is this real life?!

I even had photos of the Jubilee dancers on my “vision board.”  Should I explain a vision board?  My aunt told me do to this because when you see your goals everyday, you are reminded of them.  You clearly see them and actively work toward those goals.  This one to be exact:

Along with this infamous sign:

I would glance at these unassuming photos on my “vision board” everyday during college thinking how unattainable they really were.  Vegas?  Professional dancer?  There are so many others wanting the same role, same show.  How would I get offered that coveted spot?  But also thinking “THAT WILL BE ME ONE DAY.” Sigh.  Smile.  Back to writing essay.  😉

Well life works in mysterious ways, or not so mysterious, because sometimes it just comes out of the blue and opportunity LITERALLY calls.  So I’m in my hotel room and the company manager says there is a spot open, are you interested?  I’m like uuhhhhhhhhhhh (like an idiot).  She laughs at me, so I explain that I have a GREAT job with Disney.  Well she tells me to think about it for 48 hours and call her back.

FORTY EIGHT HOURS?!  I can’t decide where I want to EAT in 48 hours.

After much emotional stress, in Texas, phone calls, tears, nose blowing, no sleep, high tensions, and finally peace:  I AM MOVING TO LAS VEGAS, SIN CITY!

Hopefully I can chronicle my journey here better than my time at Disney.  But I’m not sure how much time I will actually have.  I will be keeping my social media job remotely during the day, and doing two shows a night, 6 nights a week, every week.  :/

Point of the story is:  boy, do dreams come true.  I am so overwhelmed with the love and support from my fellow cast members, friends and family.  Disney is such an amazing company that I really want to go back to someday soon.  I can’t believe I am joining ANOTHER great cast in such a short amount of time.  I guess that is showbiz though.  If they need someone, you have to jump at the chance, because there is always someone else to grab it from you. And they will!  and you will never get it back!  But really, i never thought I would be offered the chance at all.

I auditioned for this show almost 1 year ago exactly.  I had just graduated from college and this is the first thing i set my sights on.  The glamorous life of a showgirl.  I just always knew I wanted to be different, to lead a separate life from corporate America.  Life is short, so why not do what you want, if you can?

So when they say “we’ll keep you on file,”  they really mean it!  A year ago I auditioned (chronicled on my blog), and came away crying because I didn’t know why I got cut. Spent the rest of the day at Hard Rock Rehab Pool Party w dad drinking huge frozen margaritas.   It’s a brutal, brutal world, entertainment.  But in fact, they loved me! They just didn’t have a spot open for my height at that time.

I cried so much last Monday night I got the amazing phone call.  My friends, boyfriend, and sister can attest to that.  I was flooded with so many emotions I didn’t know what to do with them.  The thoughts of MOVING, LEAVING, DANCING, VEGAS, all running through my head.  But most of all, it didn’t seem like reality.  I really thought the next day I would wake up to find out it wasn’t real.  I kept rubbing my eyes and blinking to see if I would awake back in my own room.  But it happened. 🙂

I am so honored, excited, and ready to join this cast!  Still not real.  Shit will get real when I have my last day at Disney next Friday and will take off on my road trip to Las Vegas Saturday morning.

My goals for this week are to:  Take the pre employment drug test tomorrow.  And start packing!  Going to spend the day with boyfriend tomorrow and Friday.  Hopefully no tears!  If anyone has moving advice, Vegas advice, or any other comments, Id love to hear them!


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