Stylemint Tee


Got my second Stylemint tee today. Think I’m going to cancel the membership tomorrow. Tees just aren’t that great for $30 a piece. Plus, got my sister a gift card for her birthday for 2 tees and only got two tees myself because they charged me for the two months following. Just figured I’d keep it. And they run small. Tempted to return the one I just got from a 3 to a 5. I’d rather have it long and baggy than too short! Another thing: washed the last shirt in cold and hung dry and the black shirt is practically faded. The water just ruined the fabric…..not great for a $30 basic tee….. Anyways. Anyone else have a positive or negative experience with Stylemint? I’m curious if this type of membership store is working. Hope everyone is having a great week!


One thought on “Stylemint Tee

  1. Thanks for posting. I’ve been tempted to purchase from them, but for some reason I haven’t. I won’t now. That’s too bad, because they looked like nice shirts! Plus I never understood the whole membership thing… shady. Congrats on Vegas!!

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