Outfit of the Day


Too tired to write anything useful. Busy day today and tomorrow.
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So yesterday was crazy busy. I’ll try and be brief. But I took a photo of every major event, and maybe some that don’t matter. Here’s what I wore. Top from H&M, black pencil skirt, and Zara heels. We attended a chapter meeting so we had to look good.


Had lunch at Gulfstream in Corona del Mar with my boss and best selling author Iris Krasnow, who is hysterical, to celebrate our book launch and to talk about our next book.


Since I was in Newport, I couldn’t resist getting a box of $14 Sprinkles cupcakes! Deliciousssss. Thats breakfast lunch and dinner right there. Dur.

Did a little of this.

Drove up to Beverly Hills to see the boyfriend and have dinner with the men on Beverly.


Then spent the rest of the night at Meg’s private bday party at Drai’s classy nightclub at the W Hollywood.

What a nutso crazy day! It was quite fun though besides the driving. And now for more parades today.

Stylemint Tee


Got my second Stylemint tee today. Think I’m going to cancel the membership tomorrow. Tees just aren’t that great for $30 a piece. Plus, got my sister a gift card for her birthday for 2 tees and only got two tees myself because they charged me for the two months following. Just figured I’d keep it. And they run small. Tempted to return the one I just got from a 3 to a 5. I’d rather have it long and baggy than too short! Another thing: washed the last shirt in cold and hung dry and the black shirt is practically faded. The water just ruined the fabric…..not great for a $30 basic tee….. Anyways. Anyone else have a positive or negative experience with Stylemint? I’m curious if this type of membership store is working. Hope everyone is having a great week!