Trapeze School New York – 3rd Class

Last week Leanna and I took our 3rd Trapeze class on the Santa Monica pier at Trapeze School New York.  I can safely say I am addicted.  This was our last pre paid class so I’m JONESING to get back.  It is so much fun and not difficult if you’re a good mover.  Doesn’t take brute strength like aerial tissu or hoop.  The above photo is the set split trick, my personal favorite that I wanted to learn so badly!  Yay!  We wore matching geeky Christmas socks cuz we are so awesome.  Hellllooooo.

My mom and sister came to watch our class which was really cool.  What a great way to end 2011.  All I can say is I hope 2012 is filled with more trapeze!!!

Here are a bunch of videos from the day:

And if you’re a trapeze enthusiast, here is a link to all my trapeze vids in order of progress. Here!!


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