Dramatic Red



I know I’m super cheating with these mirror shots. But it’s just too tempting and handy to ignore! I attended a seminar on email marketing and social media today hosted by Constant Contact at the Microsoft store in South Coast Plaza. It lived up to my expectations but I didn’t learn too many new things. I learned you can make your own QR code. Which is kewl. Shannah of The Student Stylist and I were the youngest attendees. But hey, man are we on our game and ahead of the pack. We are social media experts and proud of it. It’s a highly sought after skill people are paying big bucks for. Sumpthin’ to think about. Anyways, I wanted to look stylishly professional so I went with black cigarette slacks can I call them that? And an airy blouse with a cute elephant print. Red lips and nails for drama. I was wearing black high heels but they’re cheap Charlotte Russe heels so they were digging in to my feets. No bueno.



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