My First Time on the Flying Trapeze!

This weekend was so amazing!  Leanna and I got a Groupon deal to the Trapeze School New York on the Santa Monica pier for a high flying trapeze lesson.  We were a little nervous, Leanna had done trapeze before, but this was my first time ever!  The rig looked so huge and I was afraid of falling on my head.  We received a brief instruction on how to stand once you’re on the platform, they say ready, you bend your knees, and they say “HEP” and you jump off!  No looking back!

The feeling was exhilarating to be flying high and free, looking out at the blue ocean and pretty mountains.  I loved every minute!  Now I can look at the trapeze and think “Check!  Conquered!”  Hehehe  Even though there are SO many tricks to learn, I want to do them all!  It was MUCH easier than aerial hoop.  Hoop is pure muscle while trapeze is agility and timing.  It’s fast too, which I love.  It’s exciting.

Once we got our basic knee hangs down, it was time to do a catch.  This means there is someone on another trapeze swing who catches the other trapeze flyer.  Four people in our class tried, and failed.  They all didn’t get the timing down right and fell into the net or had to dismount.  It was my turn, and by this time a crowd had gathered on the pier and people were watching our class.  Everyone was saying “Cmon Natalie, show em how its done!”  No pressure, right?  So I jumped, legs up, hands off, and made the catch!  It was the coolest feeling ever and I am definitely addicted!  Everyone on the pier cheered once I made the catch!  It was rad.

Leanna did super good too!  We are going back to take more classes in the next few weeks.  If anyone wants to join us, please do!  It is so much fun, and the more the merrier.  Our instructors were super nice and made us feel comfortable and safe.  We can’t wait to go back!!!!


Watch the videos here or below.





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