Lots of Classes Yesterday

Yesterday I took aerial cerceau at Hollywood Aerial Arts.  All the people who take there are performing this week at the LA County fair actually, if anyone is interested.  I wanna go watch but I gotta for the rest o’ the week. But go check it out if you can!  I think they’re doing trapeze, some aerial hoop and silks.  Looks very cool in pics I saw!

Class was awesome.  We worked on a routine, straddlebacks, birds nest, angel, ankle hangs, and heel hangs.  Ugh!  They are so hard!  I had never tried a heel hang before.  If you don’t know, it looks like this at 2:24:

I couldn’t find a good picture!  The girl isn’t great but she does a heel hang!  I sure can’t do it yet!

We did some conditioning after class but I am still so weak it’s hard to do anything.  That’s why I like long routines because you think you are just dancing, but it is so good for the muscles.  I’ve been trying to do situps and push ups everyday, but I’m not where I want to be!  I know it takes lots of time to build muscle but I wanna be good NOW!! :p

Finally, at night I took a tissu class at Hidden Talents.  Heres a vid of me!


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