A Night at the Moulin Rouge

Saturday night Michael and I attended “A Night at the Moulin Rouge” at the Hollywood Bowl with tickets I won courtesy of Answers4Dancers.com!  The show was great, especially the can-can dancers.  The first half of the show was great music by famous french composers and Gershwin’s “An American in Paris.”  The second half a group called Paris Combo performed and their lead singer was a funny french girl.  FINALLY during the last number the Moulin Rouge can-can dancers came on and they were amazing.  The audience loved it.  The fireworks finale was very exciting as well!! I was really excited to go to the Hollywood Bowl because I had never been before, but the shuttle was awful and it was super cold out with my 100 layers and a blanket.  I dunno if I’ll go back.  I definitely would LOVE to go to Paris and see the show at the Moulin Rouge though.  I think it would be phenomenal!  Needless to say, I loved the dancing way more than watching the orchestra, but that’s to be expected being a dancer I suppose! :p


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