Aerial Hoop

I know I havn’t been posting any outfits lately!! But I’ve been really busy taking lots of classes.  Mondays: I’m taking ballet, Tuesdays: 2 hours of Hoop and 1 hour of Tissu.  Today in hoop we worked on spinning, meat hooks, back hangs, one leg knee hangs, and feet hangs.  I did things OK, but I still need lots of strength.  The meat hook is the hardest move in my opinion, but foot hangs are the scariest!  I’ve watched lots of videos with foot hangs but damn once its your turn to go, it’s scary!!! All your weight is being held on a moving hoop with the tops of your ankles….OW!  Hopefully I’ll get that one next week….  All in all, great day, but still frustrating I’m so weak.  Luckily Michael has typed up a workout for me that I need to do every day consisting of push ups and sit ups.  Oiga boiga it is hard!! But I am determined to master this aerial hoop!!!

This is an awesome Cirque video from Varekai that I saw live years and years ago. She does 2 meat hooks within the first minute and a foot hang shortly after that!


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