Moulin Rouge

Sooo I’ve always loved Paris, the “Moulin Rouge!” movie, and I have this Moulin Rouge poster, that I bought in Paris, hanging above my desk by famous French painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec:

Fantastically, I won a pair of tickets to see “A Night at the Moulin Rouge” at the Hollywood Bowl from!! Answers4dancers is the website I typically check everyday in order to search for dance auditions.  However, they also do ticket giveaways on Twitter which I would highly recommend checking out.  In the past I won tics to Riverdance and Kings of Dance.

I have never been to the Hollywood Bowl so I am thrilled to be attending this show.  Not to mention, I’m sure the boyfriend will be pleased with the lovely can-can dancers.  I researched how to audition for the actual Moulin Rouge in Paris, but I think only one non-French native has been hired as a dancer there.  That statistic is pretty slim chances for me.  haha.  Nevertheless, I am so excited!! Thanks a4d!!!!


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