Some New Things

Did a bit of shopping this week and here is what I got:

Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Self Tan. $12.00.  A friend recommended I get it because it is so awesome.  So I tried it, and I do like it.  I think I put too much on every time though because it starts to smell nasty like how self tanning lotion usually smells.  In the bottle, however, it does smell nice, like a crisp lemonade on the beach with a waft of coconut oil.  I would recommend it because it’s not a gradual tanner.  You can see the results right away which I like.  I mean c’mon I got stuff to do!  Only $12.00 and the bottle is beautiful!  It doesn’t look like it’s available online.  I got mine in the store.

Essie “Fiji” Nail Polish.  $8.00.  Michael and I are avid viewers of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” to almost an unhealthy degree.  So when I saw last season’s “Bachelor” “winner” Emily wearing this color, I had to get it.  This color is so pretty and I really like it.  I think it brings out my tan, but maybe it’s in my imagination.  😉

OH! P.S:  I never did an update on my CND pink shellack nails.  I would not get it again.  YES it does work.  The polish stayed gorgeously perfect on the tips of my nails the entire 2 weeks.  Not a single chip or scratch or dent.  However, around the bed of the nail was the disaster area: All the edges started pealing up and I could see a good bit of space where my nails grew so they just looked bad.  I started scratching off the polish and it was not a pretty sight let me tell you.  Plus, it is really thick gel so you can’t just paint over the growth area with new polish like I would usually do.  Don’t waste your $40.00.  I got sick of the color real fast and just wanted to acetone it off but I wanted to get my monies worth!  Just buy a bottle of your fav polish and paint away!














Forever 21 gold leaf necklaces. $5.80 and $4.80.  Since I just bought the new Michael Kors chronograph gold watch, I needed some cute gold jewelry to match.  I thought these would be some fun summery pieces to add to my outfits.  The leaves in the necklace on the left are so delicate they don’t look cheap and tarnished.  (yet).  :p

What are some late summer must have items on your list?



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