iPhone 4 – I Want

So I think I’m going to be getting the iPhone 4 this week!!  Very excited!!!  I have a purple Blackberry right now that I do NOT love.  I am definitely an Apple gal devoted to the cult and love my MacBook and iPod nano etc etc etc.  I cannot wait to get it!!  Even though I have waited a very long time.  I am thinking that I won’t wait to get the new iPhone 5 however because 1) Never had an iPhone, just having one is cool, 2) Don’t feel like waiting in line/ordering whatever, 3) My upgrade is now, and I’m not paying $659.00 for a phone…. pssssh..

Do you guys have this phone?  Of course I want a sexy case to go with it.  I think I’m gonna get the black one.  What should I do?



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