Gotta Get It – Sam Edelman Flats

Ok, so I spent an obscene amount of cash on a gold Michael Kors watch last night at Norstrom.  I thought to myself, “good.  Now I can save.”  Ya right!  This just never happens.  I am LOVING these Sam Edelman loafers for fall.  I have been a sucker for leopard for so long and have bought leopard flats and heels and then replacements for those flats multiple times.  Hrmph.  I mean, my flats are gross and falling apart.  Is it time to upgrade?  They are SO cute!  I was saving my $$ for some new black knee high boots which I desperately need.  My boot’s soles split in half letting all rain water, or anything else on the ground, seep into my socks.  Ew. Plus Sam Edelman is my shoe crush.  I have 2 pairs and would love to add a third!! He can do no wrong!!  These Steve Madden loafers look almost identical but the print is a little cheesier.

Plus, right now on you can get $25 off your order PLUS free overnight shipping….I love

omgomgomg I seriously need to by hypnotized out of shopping.


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