Pink Shellac Nails

Shellac is the hot new way to do nail polish. I got it done yesterday at Sea Nails in HB on Main St. The process does take quite awhile, but maybe a little shorter than acrylic nails. You have to do a base coat, then UV lamp radiate your hand for a minute, then color, more UV lamp, another color layer, another UV zap, top coat, and a final UV bath. After all the UV lamping, maybe it was psychological, but my hands felt very hot and dry. I didn’t like the feeling. However, my nails are very bright and shiny! And thick! I was scraping tape off of a price tag today and I thought “oh great, my polish is going to be ruined.” But they look perfect! The CND Shellac website says it’s suppose to last 2 weeks which is better than the usual 2 day polish manicure. I feel like if this really does last I’ll be addicted. I’ll just make sure to wear sunscreen on my hands next time. I’ll post an update of my nails in one week and then again after 2 weeks. We’ll see if this really does work!


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