I Love London

OK look at that little face!  I’ve been dog sitting for a few days and I just had to post some pics of this little cutie patootie!  She is so funny and loves playing fetch with this pink doughnut.  Her name is London.  You want a London now too, huh?


Michael Made a Movie

Soo Michael produced, wrote, filmed a movie…well…about us!  :p  It looks great and I’m very proud of him.  I wish I could post it on here, but I’m not allowed because he wants to send it to a film festival.  Michael’s friend has a great theater room at his apartment complex so we had an official world premiere!  Anyways, this is what I wore!  I love this black maxi dress that I bought in Arizona from an awesome Buffalo Exchange type of place. He is so not into it in that last picture…hahahah jerk.  😉

Gotta Get It – Sam Edelman Flats

Ok, so I spent an obscene amount of cash on a gold Michael Kors watch last night at Norstrom.  I thought to myself, “good.  Now I can save.”  Ya right!  This just never happens.  I am LOVING these Sam Edelman loafers for fall.  I have been a sucker for leopard for so long and have bought leopard flats and heels and then replacements for those flats multiple times.  Hrmph.  I mean, my flats are gross and falling apart.  Is it time to upgrade?  They are SO cute!  I was saving my $$ for some new black knee high boots which I desperately need.  My boot’s soles split in half letting all rain water, or anything else on the ground, seep into my socks.  Ew. Plus Sam Edelman is my shoe crush.  I have 2 pairs and would love to add a third!! He can do no wrong!!  These Steve Madden loafers look almost identical but the print is a little cheesier.

Plus, right now on endless.com you can get $25 off your order PLUS free overnight shipping….I love endless.com.

omgomgomg I seriously need to by hypnotized out of shopping.

Michael Kors Gold Watch

I’m very excited to welcome this new addition to my fashion family:  the Michael Kors Gold Chronograph Watch.  I have been thinking about it for a week straight and just couldn’t focus on anything else!  So I had to put my mind at ease and just order the dang thing!  It was on sale which makes me feel better, but it was still a bit expensive for me and my minimum wage job.  Should be here in about a week.  Yayayay.  Anyways, back to packing for Vegas and worrying about my audition!  Got my head shot ‘n’ resume printed, dance stuff packed, now I need to pack some real clothes!  EEEK!