Sushi @ RA

My sister Fiona (in the little black dress) is leaving for Hong Kong in 5 days!  She will be modeling on a three month contract for the summer.  So super cool.  We decided to have a goodbye dinner at RA Sushi in downtown H.B.  I have to admit I never like sushi, but I wanted to be adventurous and try some sushi rolls.  However, I still did not like the roll I ordered.  On the other hand, I did like Fiona’s fried lobster/crab cream cheese things.  Yum!!!  I also got pineapple cream cheese wontons.  Om nom nom.  I’m excited for Fiona to go and see Hong Kong and China but I’m also sad she won’t be around again all summer.  😦  Oh well, hopefully I will get to visit her like I did last summer in Japan!


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