Expensive Key Chain

Not a great picture but this is my first and latest purchase from Louis Vuitton!  Of course after my dad bought me the most awesomest graduation present of all time, I had to get a matching keychain!   OK, maybe I have issues bad problems, but what can I do?!

Anyways.  Tuesday was the first time I had even walked INTO a LV store so I was quite overwhelmed.   The main store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa was very crowded and no one gave me the time of day even with my Speedy 40 hanging in the crook of my elbow.  Puhleeze!  So I went to YSL, couldn’t afford anything there.  Almost bought a coral arty ring, but maybe another day. :/  Then I walked to the LV inside Bloomingdales and a very nice sales lady helped me immediately.  Thank you!  This is the service I was imagining!   She kindly insisted I try on every keyring in the store on my bag, so I obliged.  Don’t have to tell me twice!  But really all I could afford was the simplest one!  So I bought it and I am thrilled with the whole get up.

Michael thought I was out of my mind to buy this expensive of a key chain.  However I had some grad money, and it hooks so nicely inside the Speedy, it’s practically a requirement!

What have been your experiences at Louis Vuitton?  Or are you still dying to walk in one like I was?



2 thoughts on “Expensive Key Chain

  1. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with treating
    yourself to something totally decadent every now
    and then! and you JUST graduated, so it’s justifiable.

    (but i am such an enabler! what a pretty keychain…)

    i’ve been in an LV store a couple of times just to look
    around because i can’t afford anything either! 😛 but
    one day! soooo many pretty things.

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