I can’t believe I am graduating from college tomorrow.  The next time I will post I will be a graduate! Woo hoo!!  I have been waiting and praying for this day since day 1.  I really have enjoyed pushed through the past four years.  Don’t get me wrong, I still had tons of fun outside of class with Leanna (above) and lots of other friends.  I would just prefer to have fun without all the essays, tests, and nasty teachers.  No, my teachers were cool.  Some of them.  My favorite quote from Bruce Lansky’s book No More Homework! No more tests!  is:

“No more pencils!
No more books!
No more teachers’
dirty looks!”

I think about this every summer, but now it really applies.  Hooray!  I’m graduating Cum Laude from California State University Long Beach with an overall GPA of 3.5 and a 3.8 GPA for this semester.  Couldn’t quite hit a 4.0 three times in a row.  Honestly, Journalism 110 was a killer!  I was thinking, “PUHLEEZE just give me a B! I will be so happy!” So, I am happy.

Tomorrow will be very exciting and I hope it all goes smoothly! I can’t wait! Feelin’ good, feelin’ fine, feelin’ fresh.  CSULB COMMENCEMENT, HERE WE COME!!!!!


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