With a Spring in My Step

I am SO stoked that today was above 80 degrees here in HB.  The chilly weather was really getting me down and then finally some sunshine arrived! I had a fabulous time taking ballet this morning with my dear friend Brittany.  There is no better workout, seriously!  I was sweating by plies! Afterward we got some froyo and shopped downtown.  The beach was crazy packed full of sunbathers, spring breakers, and anyone jonesing for some summer fun.  I bought this little tee from Angl and shorts from F21.  My shoes are Sam Edelman that I got courtesy of the South Bay Galleria from my styling day! Woo woo!

Oh, and I can’t forget this precious thing lounging in our yard!  😉

After shopping, sun, and some cokes, I went to dinner with Laurie, my bf’s momma, who is awesome.  :p  We chatted about Vegas, pole dancing, Cirque du Soleil, and other normal stuff.  Hahahha.  It was delicious and fantastic.

I am very excited for the upcoming weeks.  I am afraid my blog is going to be largely about aerial and my Vegas auditions.  But that is cool too, right?

My exercise routine is getting fierce, which is good.  I am spending lots o’ dough on classes, but they make me so happy, it is worth it.

‘Till next time!






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