Dancing in the Sky

For the past six weeks I’ve been taking aerial lessons at Hidden Talents Fitness in Huntington Beach.

I’m just so excited because I have exercised everyday for this past week, and I anticipate keeping my routine for the next few months.  My schedule includes:

Monday: 1 1/2 hours of ballet
Tuesday: 1 hour aerial fitness followed by 1 hour of aerial hoop and tissu
Wednesday:  1 hour of aerial hoop and tissu
Thursday:  1 1/2 hours of ballet
Friday:  Pull ups, push ups, sit ups, and stretching
Sunday:  Kayaking

In retrospect, this week wasn’t even that difficult!  Truthfully I looked forward to every class!

I wish I had the money to take more, but it is kind of pricey.  Anywhere you go it is going to be at least $30 a class.  Sucks because you can get a gym membership at $25 for an entire month!  However, you can get deals and packages at studios that make it a little less.  I am just so lucky that I am not paying rent right now or I know I wouldn’t be able to take these!  Yikes!

The classes I am taking includes the hoop/lira and tissu/fabric/silk.  The lira is basically a strong hula hoop hanging from the ceiling, and the tissu is two long pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling.

This aerial hoop girl video is awesome and there are soo many more videos on YouTube.

This is a video of aerial silk from Cirque du Soleil.  Click to about halfway through cuz the first part is slow.


Is anyone else taking crazy acrobatic classes right now?  I really want to learn contortion but I don’t know anywhere that teaches it. Lemme know!







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