Cute Stuff – New Ray Ban Glasses

Happy February, dearest readers!  This week I picked up my new glasses!  My final decision was the Ray Ban *New* Wayfarers in Dark Avana.  That’s what the website says anyway.  (Remember I almost got THESE!) I really like them!  I’ve worn them for the past three days straight and don’t mind!  My eyes are so sensitive, I can’t put in contacts earlier than 11am or leave them in for more than 8 hours.  It’s a pain, so I really prefer not wearing contacts.  My problem was I felt UGLY with glasses, but these make me feel CUTE! What do you think?  I feel so smart and stylin’ in them.  :p  Plus, I can see!!!!!!

Top-Kohl’s, Bag- c/o Vans and So Much Pretty, Jeans- Lucky Brand, Flats- Coach, Scarf- H&M






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