Fashion Vignettes at South Bay Galleria this Saturday!

I’m getting super pumped for the South Bay Galleria mall styling event this weekend!  Me and some fellow Two Point Oh! LA bloggers will be showing off some hot spring trends with models and a runway!  It should be awesome!

So if you wanna go shopping this weekend, come to Redondo Beach and vote for my outfits! :p  Saturday March 5th!  I’d love to see you there!

South Bay Galleria

Events page


NEW Lady Gaga MAC Lipstick

MAC has announced ANOTHER Lady Gaga lipstick color.  Wow, my prayers have been answered! Not for realzies. But damn, I wasn’t expecting this!
MAC describes the color as a “light warm beige” on the website.

I ADORE my current bubble gum pink Lady Gaga lipstick and cant get though the day without wearing it…
Sooooo…in a moment of weakness I just might walk by the MAC counter and pick up a tube.  Yes.  It’s settled.  I will support Mama Monster and MAC Cosmetics and the MAC Aids Fund.

Shop here!

Isnt she amazing?

What do you think of the color? Has anyone used it yet?

Plus: Born This Way: On repeat for 3 days straight in my car/ipod/macbook! Go listen!

New Cheap Monday Jeans!

Yesterday I was SO happy to see that my package from Fancy French Cologne had arrived!!!  Fancy French Cologne is an adorable shop in San Francisco run by two lovely ladies with cool fashion sense.  I had won a gift certificate to FFC from amazing Bree of Stylist Diva‘s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!  I got $50.00 to spend on whatever I wanted to FFC’s online store.  I saw SO many cute things I wanted like this Tracy Reese white picnic dress for $265.00.

Even though I would LOVE to add this gauzy dress to my spring wardrobe, I desperately needed a new pair of sexy jeans that didn’t look like they were worn by a construction worker.  My first pair of skinny jeans, my Lucky Brand Lola’s, had a good run, but are literally holier than thou now.  See here:

Thank you SO MUCH to Fancy French Cologne and Stylist Diva!!! You guys rock, I luv ya!!!!

Shop Fancy French here:!

Check out Stylist Diva here:

Minnie Mouse

hello!  It’s super bowl sunddayyy!!!!  Gross.  I couldn’t be more apathetic.  Football is soooo boring, but I like hangin with my pops and eating junk food.  Yesterday I wore my vintage dress from When Decades Collide with my red sweater.  I felt like Minnie Mouse and a pair of ears would have topped off my outfit nicely.  lol.


Yea, that’s my dad’s awesome “NO POOPING” sign.  :p







Cute Stuff – New Ray Ban Glasses

Happy February, dearest readers!  This week I picked up my new glasses!  My final decision was the Ray Ban *New* Wayfarers in Dark Avana.  That’s what the website says anyway.  (Remember I almost got THESE!) I really like them!  I’ve worn them for the past three days straight and don’t mind!  My eyes are so sensitive, I can’t put in contacts earlier than 11am or leave them in for more than 8 hours.  It’s a pain, so I really prefer not wearing contacts.  My problem was I felt UGLY with glasses, but these make me feel CUTE! What do you think?  I feel so smart and stylin’ in them.  :p  Plus, I can see!!!!!!

Top-Kohl’s, Bag- c/o Vans and So Much Pretty, Jeans- Lucky Brand, Flats- Coach, Scarf- H&M





SO CUTE- Wonder Woman by MAC

Loving this new line by MAC Cosmetics featuring none other than WONDER WOMAN!  How much more awesome can you get?  I am all about bright colors and her iconic Americana outfit.  Love it!!

Wonder Woman Powder Blush $24.00

Wonder Woman Utility Belt Eye Brush Set $49.50

Wonder Woman Lipstick $15.50

You can view the entire collection and shop here.

PLUS!! Follow Wonder Woman MAC on Foursquare for the chance to win a limited edition Wonder Woman ring!!