Cute Fashion – Geeky Glasses

As a fashion addict, I spend hours on end searching for the cutest clothes and best prices online.  I like to think I have some semblance of style when putting my outfits together in the morning.  However, I am a glasses girl.  My eyes are sensitive from years (already) of contact use.  I cannot put contacts in my eyes any earlier than 11am or else they burrrrnn.  Therefore, I have to wear my glasses.  And everyone knows, glasses are an accessory, except when your glasses are 5 years old and are NOT cute.

Today I went on the hunt for some super chic glasses.  I knew I wanted black frames, even though the ones I have now are black plastic as well.

These frames Hilary Duff sported back in 2009 are my favs.  The horn rimmed/cat eye shape is appealing and the large noticeable frames accent her already gorge face.

After searching the web for hours I could not find the designer of these specs.  Short of calling Ms. Duff herself, I am at a loss.  Really disappointed because these are soooo cute.

My second choice is the iconic Ray Ban Wayfarers.  They’ve been so popular recently and I’m loving the shape.  I tried them on in the store today and wasn’t in love.  I might go back tomorrow.

The frames I picked out today are these by Converse.  They cover my black plastic criteria and the large frames are perfect for my outfits.  I was hoping to find a cat-eye shape but my optometrist really isn’t the best place for hip frames.  lawl.

What do you think?  Did I make the right decision?  Should I go back tomorrow and do a switch-er-oo?

I have glasses to wear at home, but I want a statement pair to go with my cute outfits. I think these are too wide… 😦

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

UPDATE: I did in fact go back to my optometrist and got the tortoise shell Ray Ban wayfarer frames.

What do you think?  Better???  🙂





2 thoughts on “Cute Fashion – Geeky Glasses

  1. michelle hernandez

    hello! i have too spent hours trying to find the brand of those glasses hilary duff is wearing. have you since then found anything out?

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