OMG Cute – Marc by Marc Jacobs Gold Earrings

NEW!! I bought these gold hoop marc by marc jacobs earrings today at Loehman’s.  OMG I could not resist.  I went in with a $10.00 off anything coupon, no minimum.  Which is such a good deal right?  One of my friends called me and I got distracted and walked out without anything.  After hanging up I was like, “I could get something for $10.00 for free!  Why am I leaving?!”  So I go back into the store and see this little beauties hidden in a shelf.  How exciting!  Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings!  They are so dainty, too!  I absolutely love them and with my $10.00 off coupon, I only paid $13.00 for them!  Hellloooo.  Such a steal!  And these days, it is all I can afford.

A little sad story:  Last month during finals week I got a speeding ticket on my way too school.  I love driving fast and usually drive smart.  I never cut people off blah blah blah and I am always checking for cops.  But this time, I had woken up for my final only to realize it was an HOUR later than I had planned!  I barely got dressed and raced to school, but not soon enough obviously.  Yesterday I sent a big fat $400.00 check to the government.

Needless to say, that Louis Vuitton purse I was so dying for and planning on purchasing as soon as I had some bucks, not happening.  After my little donation to the city, I won’t be buying any luxury goods any time soon.

Very depressing.  I just want the ordeal to be over with but now there are more complications with my papers and processing blah blah blah.  UGH!  It is so stressful!

But these little beauties, yoga, hair trim, seeing friends, and dinner with my dad saved my week.  🙂


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