January Shmanuary

Hello bloggies!

I have been on haitus from my blog because I really had nada to write.  I’ve been working, eating, sleeping, and hangin with some great friends.

Being on vacation from school has really shown me how easy it is to simply come home, watch Gossip Girl, and shove chocolate in my mouth for hours on end.  But boy, has it been NICE!  After stressing over my full college course load this semester and getting a 4.0, I really just love taking it easy.

Nevertheless, all this slothful activity has enabled me to do what I do best, SHOP!  Online, in this case.

Thought I would post my current obsessions and desires du jour:

YSL Arty Glass Ring $195.00 (because it is gorgeous and BIG)

Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 $690.00 (and proof that true fashion never fades)

Sam Edelman Lorissa pump $200.00 (to replace those patent plastic black high heels I bought in high school)

Burberry Long Double Breasted Trench Coat $1295.00 (been watching lots of Gossip Girl, and I don’t own a rain/trench coat! So classic I could die.)

Can you look at these photos and tell what kind of person I am?  Like, here you go, analyze my life through what I want. lol I bet you can!  I perused my closet this afternoon and decided I could basically toss half of it out (which I promptly did today).  It is all Forever 21, old, cotton, junk.  Not that it is bad to have, but I could have saved all those $20 shirts and bought something that would last 10 years.  Naturally, no parent of mine ever told me this, but I’ve eventually realized there is method to the madness.

I’m very excited to embark on this renewal of my closet and add some much needed (low end, I mean, c’mon now, its me, not too rich) designer staples.  (Hopefully before I graduate because then I’ll have to live in real life and be super poor 😦 ).

Until next time!




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