OMG Made in Heaven

My sister is one of the new faces of OMG Made in Heaven, a premium faith inspired brand that combines quality, style, fun and love.

She looks cute if you ask me!  The photos were shot at a church in Torrance and the girls were supposed to be reading their bibles at a slumber party.  They came out very adorable!

Fiona’s blog: …but that sounds kinda morbid


Shop (coming soon)

What do you think of a faith inspired clothing line?







Lady Gaga for Thierry Mugler and Nicola Formichetti

You can also check out the video on the Mugler website here: link.


This video is so eerie and creepy, I can’t stop watching, literally.  What do you think about it?

Nicola Formichetti’s designs are phenomenal and I’m thrilled he is the new creative director for Thierry Mugler.  You can follow Nicola’s  fantastic blog HERE.  And the music?  Hello.  Lady Gaga is GOD.  She is so amazing and I cannot wait for the release of her new song/album Born This Way.  🙂






Back to School – Last First Day

Long story time:

I havn’t been able to do any outfit posts or posts period because I am back at school.  This is my last semester of school FOR LIFE!  I am thrilled.  I never thought this day would come but it is finally here.  In all honesty I hated the first day of college and I will hate the last lol.  Sure it is cool to go hang at Starbucks and type furiously on my laptop.  But I do that blogging anyway!  I do like learning the material but there is so much bureaucracy and learning for a grade that it takes the joy out of it.  Sure, I’ve had a 4.0 for the last year and plan on getting another.  Sure, I like having friends to walk to class with and laugh at our teachers with. But I really just can’t wait to graduate and have no more homework.  I really truly believe that I will score an awesome job and I’ll like it more than college.  Whether it is in PR, film, marketing, or even dancing, I will be a happy person.  I never wanted to go to college.  Don’t get me wrong, I am SO grateful that I did and that I had smart parents to pay for every last cent.  I am grateful for the educational part too; I love being a smart girl.  However, I did want to be a dancer and travel the world, and college kind of made that impossible.

Anywhoo.  I did do some back to school shopping and got some jean shorts from Forever 21.  This is another reason why I want to go back to dance, none of my pants fit!  And I also bought a pair of Converse All Star sneakers.  ME?! In SNEAKERS?! It is unheard of!  I’m really glad I did buy them because this semester I am walking allll over campus, which is huge, and my flats, boots, etc, just KILL!

Thanks Kelsi for giving me the inspiration seen here. And to my sister who has the white high-top version of the shoes I got.

Another stylish wearer of studded converse: Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad

Do YOU own a pair of Converse sneakers???





Natalie on Racked LA!

Thanks Kelsi for submitting me to Racked LA!  Even though I did not know this outfit was going to be showcased to the world, I like it. 🙂

What do you think?  You can view and vote on my outfit HERE!

Plus maybe check out Racked LA if you havn’t already a million times, and all the other awesome websites they have like Racked NY and Eater LA.  And maybe subscribe to their emails.  Is anyone like me and subscribe to every fashion email list out there?!  I get so many, but it makes me feel special. :p




Cute Fashion – Danielle Nicole

Me, Danielle Nicole, Erica Leigh, Kelsi Smith, Alex Marie


FASHION ALERT: Danielle Nicole is amazing!  This 22-year-old beauty has her own handbag line, that is CUTE!!

In my previous and limited experience, going to see anyone’s handbag or clothing line that isn’t Chanel, bored me.  This time I was blown away by the affordable and adorable bags.  The showroom was elegant and Danielle is the epitome of New York style.  I immediately wanted to be her!  The best part is that she is really talented and every bag is unique and designed to perfection.

During our private preview of Danielle’s Spring handbag line I fell in love with some pieces!  Luckily we got to take exclusive pictures of these babies because they aren’t yet in stores or online!

These champagne beige python skin bags are PERFECT for Spring.  I would love to pair the clutch with dresses for evening fashion events and the carryall is essential for all things school, of course!

This photo doesn’t do it justice, but this fringe-y cross body bag is everything I love in fashion: anything but basic black and rock ‘n roll.

Erica from Sweets and Hearts looking very excited about this cream, ruffled cross body bag.  Ugh! Perfection!

Another fringe-y piece that I loved was this studded black bag with charcoal chain straps.

I think my new obsession is this muted earthy pink leather bag with whip-stiching.  It is light as a feather to carry and the structure would class up any outfit.   Amazingg!!!!!

Thanks Danielle!!

More info, shop, twitter:

What is YOUR favorite?? 🙂

Cute Escape – Venice Beach

Venice Beach is amazing!  We happened to have 80 degree weather in January and I think everyone and their dog came to Venice this weekend. When you get to Venice, you can’t help but smile.  The vibe is chill and exciting.  The people are crazy and high.  There’s shopping, fried food, and a contagious party atmosphere.

Deep fried Oreoes are God’s gift to man.

Michael’s most amazing photo ever.  Check out for more skateboarder pics!!




Cute Fashion – Geeky Glasses

As a fashion addict, I spend hours on end searching for the cutest clothes and best prices online.  I like to think I have some semblance of style when putting my outfits together in the morning.  However, I am a glasses girl.  My eyes are sensitive from years (already) of contact use.  I cannot put contacts in my eyes any earlier than 11am or else they burrrrnn.  Therefore, I have to wear my glasses.  And everyone knows, glasses are an accessory, except when your glasses are 5 years old and are NOT cute.

Today I went on the hunt for some super chic glasses.  I knew I wanted black frames, even though the ones I have now are black plastic as well.

These frames Hilary Duff sported back in 2009 are my favs.  The horn rimmed/cat eye shape is appealing and the large noticeable frames accent her already gorge face.

After searching the web for hours I could not find the designer of these specs.  Short of calling Ms. Duff herself, I am at a loss.  Really disappointed because these are soooo cute.

My second choice is the iconic Ray Ban Wayfarers.  They’ve been so popular recently and I’m loving the shape.  I tried them on in the store today and wasn’t in love.  I might go back tomorrow.

The frames I picked out today are these by Converse.  They cover my black plastic criteria and the large frames are perfect for my outfits.  I was hoping to find a cat-eye shape but my optometrist really isn’t the best place for hip frames.  lawl.

What do you think?  Did I make the right decision?  Should I go back tomorrow and do a switch-er-oo?

I have glasses to wear at home, but I want a statement pair to go with my cute outfits. I think these are too wide… 😦

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

UPDATE: I did in fact go back to my optometrist and got the tortoise shell Ray Ban wayfarer frames.

What do you think?  Better???  🙂