Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas morning!  Fiona looking terribly excited.

Fiona yawning haha.  So typical of many Christmas mornings.  Fiona got black suede Birkenstock sandals.  They’re in again?  Who knew?! :p  She says they’re featured in Lucky Brand.  I have yet to find them Fifi…

Presents!!  My dad gave me The Office Monopoly which I cannot wait to play and a white rosette American Apparel sweater that I’ve been dying for!  He’s the best!

My new Betsey Johnson pajamas from Laurie!

Chocolate sent from England!  Cadbury and Thornton’s are the BEST in the world.  🙂  Topshop nail polish for Fiona and Henry Holland suspender tights for moi!

Buckingham palace guard.  We’re such a British fam lol!

Christmas breakfast of homemade marmalade french toast casserole.

Happy Christmas!






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