Déjeuner avec la mère de mon petit ami.

Laurie and I went xmas shopping today at South Coast Plaza and had lunch at Quattro Cafe.  The mall wasn’t too busy which was good and I came away with a plaid Christmasy Ralph Lauren blouse for 60% off.  Super!  :p

Flats-Coach, Scarf-Gifted from Gypsy 05, Ring-Gifted from Modcloth, Pea coat-f21, Sunglasses-Coach, Lipstick- MAC Lady Gaga, Bag- Gifted from Vans and So Much Pretty

I then went to take my last final of the semester!!!!!!!!!!!  Hoorayyy!!!!!!!!!  Im free!!!!!  Then one more semester to go…

Takin’ my cute little Scantron and Blue Book to school 🙂

Boots-Madden Girl, Scarf-American Apparel

To celebrate the end of my semester, Brittany and I went to get strawberry margaritas and Mexican food.  We ate at my favorite place in Huntington, Mario’s on Beach Blvd, and we were the only people in the restaurant!  :p  It’s soooo good and never busy!


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