Nothing like black and white to express my mood better.

I am just hating everything right now though.  Don’t get me wrong, life is great.  But just nitpicky things about my blog that I want to do are weighing on me.  For example: I hate that I don’t put on makeup before I take these pics (I SO underestimate the power of makeup), I hate any pics on here inside my room (just gross), and I hate that I don’t post everyday and have more time to do so.

Buuuuut I am just venting so please forgive me.

I am in the middle of writing my rhetorical criticism 12 page essay on Lady Gaga’s song “Alejandro,” so I’ve gotta focus.  (Talk about easy subjects.  Can you think of anything more awesome to write about?  No, neither can I.)

SO CLOSE to being done with the semester and then I have a glorious FIVE weeks off.  Christmas can’t come any faster.

PLUS: if anyone wants to come to the Two Point Oh! LA Snowball, you are soooo invited!!! Buy your tics now HERE and we can party away together!!  Woohooo!!!



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