Papers A Plenty

I am in the thick of studying for finals week and have to write a 12 page paper on Lady Gaga.  Her music always puts me in a good mood.  I’m doing a rhetorical criticism on her song “Alejandro.” Such a good subject, right?  I love my major.  For anyone reading this who is going into college, do Communication Studies!!! Trust me.  It is the best major for talkative people or shy people who wish they were talkative.  It’s a psychology without the science, relationship studies, people studies, no math super cool major.  Awesome.

I’ve posted Lady Gaga’s Alejandro music video because I’ve watched it 100 times for this paper.  It’s sometimes rude and graphic, but lots of good dancing and the song is hot anyways.  Disclaimer: Don’t watch it if you think you’ll be offended, otherwise, enjoy!




3 thoughts on “Papers A Plenty

  1. lol, i should’ve double-majored in that!
    a paper on lady gaga + NO MATH? that
    would’ve been awesome.

    good luck with your studies + i can’t wait
    to see you this weekend!

  2. Hey Natalie!
    Ur class sounds so cool, I like how some classes get to analyze pop culture as part of their paper, I mean it shows that the professors are open!! I hope you do well on the paper, and hope to see u soon!~ Post pics of your outfit! U looked so great during the Snowball! Angelic , ❤

    1. hey crystal!
      thanks so much for your nice compliments!
      my classes are definitely cool. :p i am very lucky. i got an A on my paper!! amazinnnggg!
      did you post pics of the snowball??
      hopefully see you soon at a 2.0 event!!

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