Roses Blanches

Wearing lots of newly acquired goods from Christmas.  Brown leather purse and pearl necklace from Michael’s generous Aunt Vickie, ring from Reilly, and my white rose sweater from American Apparel from my dad.  I am such a lucky girl.

It’s New Year’s Eve!  Go out and have some naughty fun!  Welcome in a brand spankin’ new awesome year!


Xmas Day

Fiona pretending to be candid.

Fiona and I in our new scarves from our fashionable Aunt Rita.

Fiona, mom, and me.  Thanks Auntie Rita!

Me and JJ!

My presents to Fiona:  a cat hat

and a trapper hat.  :p  She better wear them, they’re adorable!  I have matching ones.  Tee hee!

Crazy cat.

Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas morning!  Fiona looking terribly excited.

Fiona yawning haha.  So typical of many Christmas mornings.  Fiona got black suede Birkenstock sandals.  They’re in again?  Who knew?! :p  She says they’re featured in Lucky Brand.  I have yet to find them Fifi…

Presents!!  My dad gave me The Office Monopoly which I cannot wait to play and a white rosette American Apparel sweater that I’ve been dying for!  He’s the best!

My new Betsey Johnson pajamas from Laurie!

Chocolate sent from England!  Cadbury and Thornton’s are the BEST in the world.  🙂  Topshop nail polish for Fiona and Henry Holland suspender tights for moi!

Buckingham palace guard.  We’re such a British fam lol!

Christmas breakfast of homemade marmalade french toast casserole.

Happy Christmas!





Christmas Eve Margaritas

It seems to be our family tradition to go get Mexican food and blended margaritas on Christmas Eve.  We tried to change it up and go somewhere different, but its just no question that we go to Mario’s.  I was in a totally emotional mess cuz of family stuff and wanted my melon marg!  Plus, everywhere else is SO busy that we would have waited for a table for hours.  At Mario’s, we were seated right away!  That is the best.  Dinner was fattening and yummy.  Success.

She likes to blend in.  Silly kiki.




Christmas Cookies

It’s just not the holidays without a little Pitt family baking sesh!  We made sooo many cookies and they tasted deeelish!

As you can see… ;P

So domestic! :p

Finished!  The best cookies on the block, if I do say so myself!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

I loved spending time with my family and friends.  🙂  What was your favorite part of this Christmas??


Christmas Eve!

Can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve!!!!

Top-Ralph Lauren Polo from Macy’s, Jeans- Betsey Johnson, Belt- Lucky Brand, Trapper Hat-Urban Outfitters, Pea coat- Kenneth Cole Reaction from Macy’s, Bag- Charles David, Sunglasses- Coach

In other good news, I just found out I got a 4.0 this semester at school!  This is my second 4.0 in a row!  I didn’t think I could pull it off, but I really hung in there and did it!  I am thrilled.  🙂  I can add my nice framed certificate next to the one prominently hanging in my room.  🙂 Yay.

Michael and I posing for backseat pics.  We don’t have very many good pics together.  This has GOT to change.  ❤

Very excited to open presents and give out presents to my most beloved friends and family.  What is your favorite part of Christmas?  Today my mom and I baked cookies pretty much all day.  I will post pics later!  They are too cute, and the cookies are SO good, if I do say so myself.  🙂

Have a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous day off!!!  And of course, enjoy the after holiday shopping!!




Puppy Palace

Michael’s dog Daisy had a little bit of a cough so we took her to the vet.  It was a rather long and painful experience waiting to be seen for 45 minutes and getting the dog in the car in the pouring rain.  Ugh.  But we did it and then went out to dinner to BJ’s.  Mmmmm my favorite yummy place to eat.  Can’t end the night without baking cookies, snuggling in blankets, and watching Christmas shows, or Lady Gaga music videos, for 3 hours.  :p