Coach Poppy Sunglasses

I guess it is no longer Black Friday, it’s now a whole week of deals!  My mom and I went to Macy’s on Tuesday and shopped for basically five hours straight.  What an awesome day!  I told her there is nothing else I would rather do.  🙂  Sad, or would you agree?

I bought these brown Coach Poppy sunglasses from the new Sunglass Hut at Macy’s in Westminster.  The sunglasses are so fun with this new cat-eye shape and big round frames.  I love the different shape, and they also match my brown Coach flats that I bought the same day, seen here.  Strange that I am so into Coach because a couple weeks before I was saying how I was “so over” the brand and wanted to sell my black Coach purse.  Now, I don’t think I will.  Coach and Coach Poppy are obviously coming out with some hipper designs, so I approve.

The glasses come with a super cute orange and gold hard Coach case.  I don’t even know what the name of the glasses are or where else to buy them.  I tried looking on the Coach website, but found nothing even similar.  I am assuming they are new but I honestly have no idea.  The Sunglass Hut had just opened inside Macy’s and were setting up sunglasses as we walked around.  The glasses also come in blue and look very 70s retro.



2 thoughts on “Coach Poppy Sunglasses

  1. oooo! i like!
    large, round, cat-eye shaped
    sunglasses are my favorite!

    i’m a little over coach too, lol,
    but yesss the poppy stuff is adorable!
    i like that the new stuff stands out and ends
    up not looking like each other, if that
    makes any sense.

    1. Natalie Pitt

      😀 You approve??

      It was very strange I hated Coach and saw it everywhere. Now I spent almost $200 on the brand! But theyre actually cute. And yea, thats how I feel about it looking different then the rest of their stuff too. lol.

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