Happy 22nd Birthday to Me!

Yesterday, well Nov. 22nd, was my 22nd birthday!  I feel so mature now, but want to clarify that I will still act like a kid for as long as I deem appropriate.

I got so many nice birthday wishes from friends and family.  I feel so loved!

I wore my f21 black dress with my grandmother’s crazy rainbow belt, H&M tights, and Jessica Simpson suede platforms.

Party guests!  My mom got a ton of yummy homemade Mexican food from a little restaurant down the street from my house.  Everyone loved the food and I think we’ll definitely go there again.

Birthday cake!! Chocolate with white frosting…the best.

Fiona eating bday cake with a little beggar


So…i got this new Canon Rebel for my bday….but i dont know how to use it…so this is me looking angry…i think im gonna get a point and shoot….and it was cold out…

During the day my mom and I went on a total shopping spree.  I spent a TON of $$$ but I had a lot of fun doing it! I bought brown Coach flats from Macy’s  I love them and want to be decked out in designer, so here’s the start!  Bought new sheets for my bed at Macy’s, 4 new shirts from Kohl’s (I know, but my mom loves kohls, the shirts are cute!!), and a new HUGE jewelry box.  Now I can see all of my accessories which is so nice.

This evening the lovely Brittany Willut and I went out on a romantic dinner date for my birthday at BJ’s.  It was deeelish and then we ended the evening with Glee and a photo shoot, of course.  (My shirt is from Kohl’s )

Best friends.  ❤


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