On this beautiful Veteran’s Day in November, my dad and I went out to lunch on the beach at Sandy’s.  The food was amazing!  We split Cajun spiced rack of lamb with Tzatziki sauce and a roasted turkey sandwich on Ciabatta bread with tomato apricot chutney, sliced apples, and brie cheese.  MMMMM!  Are you hungry now?  The weather was gorgeous at a perfect high 78 degrees and sun shining right on us.  What a perfect moment.  🙂

I wore this outfit yesterday, not today, so I’m cheating a little bit.  🙂  I didn’t take any photos today except this one while at lunch:

Boots-Madden Girl, Hat-Epoch (sister’s)

We went into a couple store in downtown HB while we were out including American Apparel.  I saw this 3-D Rose sweater that I want so bad and hinted at it to my dad.  Maybe birthday or xmas! 😉

What is on your Christmas wish list?!  Don’t lie, you know you’ve had one ready since July…



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