Christmas 2008: All I wanted was to splurge on my very own, and very first, designer handbag.  I had my eye on the Louis Vuitton monogram canvas speedy 30.  I wanted it SOO bad and I had enough money from Christmas checks and saving up from my part-time job.  After this purchase, however, I would be back to living paycheck to paycheck, which is not fun.  But this is why I love my life.  I would rather be poor than not be stylish.  I would rather forgo lunch than a pair of shoes.  It’s just how I am.  For example, a dude in a band doesn’t save up money for his future apartment rent, he buys more gear for his guitar! (or so I hear…)

Back to Christmas ’08.

I dragged my saint of a boyfriend to South Coast Plaza with me to peruse the shelves topped with lavish bags.  First we went to Nordstrom’s and I found a Coach purse, seen here, that was flashy enough and also had a great top handle style, similar to the Louis Vuitton speedy.  I went back and fourth and thought the $428.00 (with tax) Coach bag would be more reasonable than the $690.00 Louis Vuitton.  ME?! REASONABLE?  I should not have been shopping with my boyfriend, obviously.  I just felt so much outside pressure from my parents, my bf, and anyone else who would disapprove of me purchasing a close to $1000.00 purse.

But now that it is two years later, I am still in love with the Louis Vuitton and that’s all I want for Christmas!  Captain hindsight would say:  I should have gone with the Louis and saved the $$ I spent on the Coach because it was just a sad replacement.  :/  I guess it’s not all bad though because I was thinking of selling the Coach on eBay the other day, but I don’t have the heart to part with it.  It’s still a nice sophisticated bag.  Maybe I will after I upgrade?  What do you think?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, go with your gut.  I wish that I had gotten what I wanted.  I was so worried that I would “be poor” after I got the Louis.  But truth is: I’m still poor even though I didn’t get it!  I’m not advocating credit card spending when you have NO money.  Because that is not good planning at all.  But when it comes down to it, go with the one you want.  ‘Cuz that is all that matters in life!



3 thoughts on “LOUIS VUITTON

  1. you’re hilarious! “I’d rather be poor than not be stylish” . That’s how it should be, & that’s exactly how Carrie Bradshaw was 😉

    south coast plaza is so magical during christmas, which is exactly where I got mine from! I couldn’t agree more with your fashion philosophy ❤ hahah

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