Full Time Fabulous for Sunglass Hut!

My Full Time Fabulous Contestant Video!

Hi beautiful people!

I want to be Sunglass Hut’s first Full Time Fabulous blogger!!! If I win I would go to New York, be a full time fashion blogger for Sunglass Hut, and attend some amazing events all over the world.  This is my DREAM job!

I would SO love you, even more than I do now, if you would go to the website at fulltimefabulous.com and vote for my video!!! (But first watch it! hello!)

If it doesn’t automatically go to my video, then:

You can search for me under my name: Natalie Pitt

My twitter handle: @NatalieSimone

Or my Facebook name: Natalie.Pitt

Only one vote per email address, so PLEASE vote for me!!  (If you have multiple emails, use those too!!!)

Thank you so much!!

I love you!!!



One thought on “Full Time Fabulous for Sunglass Hut!

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