My Fall Wishlist

Polyvore is so addicting.  I havn’t been on the site in months, which is probably a good thing, but it is so fun to make sets.  I put together some fall must haves, AKA: things that I want right now.  I put my Sam Edelman Zoyla boots on there, just so I can check them off my list.  :p  You know you like doing that too!  And plus, they are just so beautiful.

For my birthday I want:

1. Drop diamond earrings (fake. hello.)

2.  Black aviator Ray Ban sunglasses with gold trim.  They are just the essence of Hollywood cool right now.

2. New black pea coat.  Mine is from high school and the wool has turned icky.

3.  A gold watch like this one with roman numerals from (where i got my boots!)

4.  And I put the plaid flannel in there because its quintessential fall, and I wouldn’t mind one.  :p

I can hear the rain dropping on my windows and it is so peaceful.  Yum.  🙂



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