I Need A New Camera

I know, this is blasphemy…a blog post not about clothes!  But it has to do with blogging, bloggers, photos, etc.

So I am thinking of asking for a new camera for my birthday coming up in November.  My camera is a tiny, 5-year- old Exilim digital camera.  It has been through A LOT: high school dances, vacations, beaches, proms, rain, sweaty back pockets, you name it.  It is definitely time to upgrade.

I’m deciding between a Canon Powershot SX20IS, seen here on Amazon.com.  It is pretty reasonably priced, which is good.  The thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t recharge, it takes new AA batteries.  I would rather plug it in and recharge.  Thoughts?

And a Canon Rebel XS 10.1 shown here on Amazon.com.  As for the Rebel, it is a nicer camera and takes higher resolution pictures.  Around $100 more, but might be worth it.  Probably more confusing to work, but my BF says “its so easy, I can teach you.”  Ya, we’ll see about that.  😉  I’m leaning towards this one.

Anyone who has had experience with either of these cameras or has any preference please let me know and comment!

I appreciate it!

My boyfriend knows all about SLRs, but I’d like to hear from my fellow fashion bloggers.




8 thoughts on “I Need A New Camera

  1. lol, i want a new camera too!
    i get so embarrassed when i take
    out my pink point-and-shoot.

    all the cool bloggers have those
    fancy schmancy digital slrs, and they
    take amaaaazing photos! i’ve been saving
    up for that canon rebel you posted. ^_^

    1. ahhhh erica I know!!!!! thats why its totally time for us! so you have been wanting to rebel too?! what do you think, is that the best? I am no way going more expensive than the rebel, its just not worth it.

      1. yeah, i don’t want to spend too much on one, and i’m really inexperienced with anything more complicate than what i already have haha, so i figure it’d be a good way to learn.

        from what i’ve seen, a lot of the bloggers have a canon rebel/canon-something and seem to like them. judging from their photos, they seem to turn out really well! and the reviews on amazon were really good.

        a bunch also have nikons, but i think they’re more expensive?

  2. The Boyfriend

    “a bunch also have nikons,”

    The boyfriend says Nikon sucks, go Canon =)

    The boyfriend also has no doubt he can teach you to use a DSLR =)

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