I bought the Sam Edelman “Zoyla” boot!!!  They’ll be at my house Wednesday!  I cannot wait, it is really all I am thinking about!!!  :p

To be expected, I buy one pair of amazing statement shoes, and want another pair within seconds.  What do you guys think of this BCBG brown Oxford heel?

I tried it on in the store and loved it!  The metal pieces on the end of the laces are heavy and really add some chic to the shoe.  Plus they are total, comfy but high-heel Paris street-wear bliss.

After my shoe splurge, I don’t know about spending $69.00 on another pair.  Worth it?

I want.



One thought on “SHOE SPLURGE

  1. omg, haha i’ve been going through
    a weird shoe phase too!! there must
    be something in the water 😛

    i just bought 2 pairs last week >_<

    but yessss the sam edelman boots are so cool!
    i'm sure you absolutely can't wait to wear them 😀

    and if you start dreaming about
    the high-heeled oxfords, then you might
    as well get them.

    the heart wants what the heart wants.


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