Around the World With You

Today is so warm out!  This is why I love October in California, it is definitely the best month of the year.  It is 90 degrees out right now!  I wore my American Apparel tee that Brittany got me for Christmas.  It has the names of all the biggest and best cities in the world on it.  I also have on my Guess flats that are my favorite shoes ever.  They’re so worn out, but there’s no way I can retire them!

I had a wonderful morning chatting with my boyfriend and drinking Earl Grey.  Tonight I am helping Brittany organize her closet (and maybe she will donate some designer rejects to me? )  :p  Then my dad is making a delicious dinner of pork chops, tomato sauce, capers, and fennel.  Dunno what the last thing is.  Some sort of bulb.  lol  Hope it’s good!

Me and my man 🙂 ❤

Michael is hearing back from some big companies if he has a job this week!  I hope he gets good news!  Everyone cross your fingers!



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