One of my fellow classmates, Celine, gave an informative presentation on Freedom and Fashion today!  It is such a great cause that fights human trafficking and the exploitative sex industry in Bangkok.  Each year they hold a fashion show allowing people just like you and me to buy items made by these formerly enslaved men and women, generating revenue to help empower them.

And what is better than fashion?  Nothing in the world!

If you go to Fashion and Freedom’s website you can find out about their organization, watch great videos, and even buy tickets to their upcoming fashion show on Nov. 6th.

I am really looking forward to this event, and it would be awesome if my fellow fashion bloggers could spread the word!

In the meantime:

Twitter: @freedomnfashion





3 thoughts on “FREEDOM AND FASHION

  1. Thanks for posting this on your site! Looking forward to seeing you at the show! 🙂 Celine is on the marketing team with me and I think its soooo awesome that you shared this on your blog 🙂

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