LA Galaxy

Today I was up in LA with my honey just hangin out and watching TV.  I had so much homework to do though I was kinda stressed out, and still am.

I took these pics when it was thundering and raining out Friday morning.  There was lightning over Long Beach and LA too the day before.  Oh, and it was warm out.  We never get this crazy weather!

Top-Zara, Pants-Charlotte Russe, Shoes-Steve Madden, Belt-H&M

This evening my dad, my sister, and I went to the LA Galaxy Chivas soccer game.  My dad loves soccer because he is British. (And he is wearing his England jersey).  We saw sexy Beckham playing.  We also sat two rows behind Mr. Dominic Monaghan from TV show “Lost” and movie trilogy “Lord of the Rings.”  I took a lot of pictures of him and watching him most of the game I think.  lol  I am so starstruck :/



3 thoughts on “LA Galaxy

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