Imagine Dragons @ The Roxy

Friday night Brittany and I went to see our best friend Alex’s boyfriend Daniel’s band called Imagine Dragons from Las Vegas at The Roxy on Sunset in LA.

It was a costume party for Halloween and a witch hunt…I guess.  I don’t really know what was going on.  But the band was super good and really fun to watch.  And today Alex informed me…she’s engaged to the guitarist, Daniel!!!  We were kind of expecting this announcement, but I am still super happy for her! She’s officially part of the band now! lol

The two love birds!



Full Time Fabulous for Sunglass Hut!

My Full Time Fabulous Contestant Video!

Hi beautiful people!

I want to be Sunglass Hut’s first Full Time Fabulous blogger!!! If I win I would go to New York, be a full time fashion blogger for Sunglass Hut, and attend some amazing events all over the world.  This is my DREAM job!

I would SO love you, even more than I do now, if you would go to the website at and vote for my video!!! (But first watch it! hello!)

If it doesn’t automatically go to my video, then:

You can search for me under my name: Natalie Pitt

My twitter handle: @NatalieSimone

Or my Facebook name: Natalie.Pitt

Only one vote per email address, so PLEASE vote for me!!  (If you have multiple emails, use those too!!!)

Thank you so much!!

I love you!!!


A Little Bit Rock N Roll

Sooo I am totally in love with my Sam Edelman Zoyla booties.  They are perfect for winter and you can wear anything with black booties.  PLUS they have cool studs on the side giving them a little hint of glam. I am wearing a black H&M blazer, f21 grey jeans, Coach handbag, necklace from Macy’s, and Sam Edelman booties from



PS:  I am entering the Sunglass Hut’s Full Time Fabulous video contest.  Sunglass Hut is looking for a full time fashion blogger to relocate to amazing New York City, my dream!  Voting officially starts TONIGHT October 28th at 12:00am.  That means I need YOU to cast a vote for me!!! You can watch a sneak peak of my video here, but make sure to find me again and vote Oct 28th!  Thank you and I hope you vote for me to be Full Time Fab!!!

Listening to:

A Case of the Spots

Today I woke up nice and late at 10:30am.  🙂  I love these late days.  I always start the morning off right with some Earl Grey tea and toast.

I will be off the school soon.  I wore my polka dot tights (Target), H&M blouse, f21 skirt, and knee high boots.  I cannot remember where my scarf is from….

Enjoy your day!!


Listening to:

A Little More Fall, Please

Hmmm, let’s see.  Today was warm, but windy.  I spent the first half of the day at school, and then went to work for 2 hours.  And now must do homework.  Tough gig, man. Bleh.

Anyways, I wore my new Sam Edelman Zoyla booties today.

I love them!! What do you think?  Definitely for more fancy events, but amazing shoes nonetheless.

I like our little pumpkin.  Very Halloweeny!


My Fall Wishlist

Polyvore is so addicting.  I havn’t been on the site in months, which is probably a good thing, but it is so fun to make sets.  I put together some fall must haves, AKA: things that I want right now.  I put my Sam Edelman Zoyla boots on there, just so I can check them off my list.  :p  You know you like doing that too!  And plus, they are just so beautiful.

For my birthday I want:

1. Drop diamond earrings (fake. hello.)

2.  Black aviator Ray Ban sunglasses with gold trim.  They are just the essence of Hollywood cool right now.

2. New black pea coat.  Mine is from high school and the wool has turned icky.

3.  A gold watch like this one with roman numerals from (where i got my boots!)

4.  And I put the plaid flannel in there because its quintessential fall, and I wouldn’t mind one.  :p

I can hear the rain dropping on my windows and it is so peaceful.  Yum.  🙂


I Need A New Camera

I know, this is blasphemy…a blog post not about clothes!  But it has to do with blogging, bloggers, photos, etc.

So I am thinking of asking for a new camera for my birthday coming up in November.  My camera is a tiny, 5-year- old Exilim digital camera.  It has been through A LOT: high school dances, vacations, beaches, proms, rain, sweaty back pockets, you name it.  It is definitely time to upgrade.

I’m deciding between a Canon Powershot SX20IS, seen here on  It is pretty reasonably priced, which is good.  The thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t recharge, it takes new AA batteries.  I would rather plug it in and recharge.  Thoughts?

And a Canon Rebel XS 10.1 shown here on  As for the Rebel, it is a nicer camera and takes higher resolution pictures.  Around $100 more, but might be worth it.  Probably more confusing to work, but my BF says “its so easy, I can teach you.”  Ya, we’ll see about that.  😉  I’m leaning towards this one.

Anyone who has had experience with either of these cameras or has any preference please let me know and comment!

I appreciate it!

My boyfriend knows all about SLRs, but I’d like to hear from my fellow fashion bloggers.