Gypsy 05 Shopping

Shopping online at Hollywood based clothing line Gypsy

HELP!!!  I really cannot decide which piece to get.  They are both SO cute.  I don’t have anything like the skirt, but the top is too unique and awesome to pass up.

In Navy

In Acid Black


Much appreciated!  😀


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2 thoughts on “Gypsy 05 Shopping

  1. i can’t decide myself,
    what makes you think i can help you decide?? >_<


    …although, between those two pieces,
    i do like the 2nd one more! that shredded
    top is really cool.

    you might as well get both.
    i think the gift card is more like $50 off a $200 purchase.

    1. I knowww Erica! But I think I’m gonna go with the top. Everyone says they like it better. Thanks for your help! And no, I can’t get both! I am so broke after buying $600.00 of school books 😦
      See you at the Fashion Week Pre-Party?!

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