Little China Doll

This afternoon I had lunch with my boyfriend’s mom at Island’s.  We are so cool.  :p  To top it off: I got Fruit Punch to drink.  It was delicious and the perfect way to start my day.  I then went to school in the nice September weather.  So beautiful outside!  I am hoping that this weekend will be stress free after writing an essay all last night!  That would be soo nice.

I bought this dress in Japan while I was visiting my sister over the summer.  It is from the cutest little boutique in Sangenjaya.  The light teal color is perfect for warm weather and the lace detail over the pocket is so sweet.  I paired it with my brown ankle boots and a brown western belt that I bought from the FIDM store for $1.  lol.



4 thoughts on “Little China Doll

  1. Those booooots!! 😀 I love this. And it’s so cool that you’re friends with the bf’s mom. One day, I’ll get there too 😉

    Great to meet you last night. Hope you had fun and I’m looking forward to catching you at more of these TwoPointOh events!


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