Lake Arrowhead, CA

Thank the Lord, and government people, for Labor Day.  Whatever it is supposed to celebrate, it is awesome because we get the day off!  😉  I spent the three day weekend with my boyfriend and his family up in Arrowhead lounging, wining, and dining.  It was so much fun and I realized that these are the moments life is all about.  A big dinner with friends and family was awesome.

We spent the afternoon on the lake in the Katniks’ boat and boy did we go fast!  The weather was hot and beautiful; couldn’t ask for more.

There were so many beautiful houses/cabins around the lake.  We also stopped for a couple hours at the town center with quaint little shoppes and eateries.  Bryan purchased about six bottles of wine for our dinner feast.

Feeding the ducks.

Back at the cabin Jordan and Bryan prepared a delectable feast and we drank to our hearts content!  HAHA!  We started with champagne, then a white? wine, then two reds, and a yummy dessert wine.  wow.  Don’t think I’ve ever drank more wine in my life!  But they were good!

And here is Joe Joe the most adorable dog in the world ready for his dinner at the table.  :p



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