Because the world is round

You know those songs that just make you feel chills?  I love those.  I am listening to The Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil soundtrack and it is SUCH a good one.  The opening song “Because,” the acapella version, is so beautiful.    Man all my posts are about The Beatles.  They just make me calm, and make me think.

My outfit of the day is one of my beloved shirts from ANGL, but this one, and another, both have little holes in the fabric, which I am pretty disappointed about.  For $30 each, that shouldn’t happen.  (Or maybe it is my poor laundry skills).  :/

I had a very productive/tiring day.  Work, then school, then racquetball at our new gym with Shannah, then dinner with Brittany, then TV with Michael.  I was exhausted!

Shirt, Shorts-ANGL



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