Bejewled in Bijou

After Blogger’s Cafe #3 Friday night in Downtown LA, I couldn’t wait to don all my SWAG! Plus, my photographer boyfriend wanted to test out his new lighting equipment he bought.

I am wearing beautiful crystal earrings by Nana Bijou of made by Natalie Sadigh, who is SO cute and sweet! You can follow her on Twitter @nana_bijou.  I am also wearing an Ombre scarf by Gypsy 05 of, a Hollywood based clothing company.  If you love it, you can buy it here as seen on Selena Gomez. (All items gifted as per FTC guidelines).

Then we got really into the photo shoot…hahahha

What do you think??



Blogger’s Cafe #3

Although this was only my second Blogger’s Cafe, it was the third one total for Two Point Oh! LA members.  I had to drive straight from work in Huntington Beach so I was just a little bit stressed driving to downtown LA. Luckily I know the area fairly well and semi enjoy the drive there.

We all gathered at the Fashion Los Angeles headquarters in Downtown LA with gorgeous views of the city.  Kelsi had arranged for Nana Bijou Jewelry and Gypsy 05 to be there!  We got to check out both collections in person.  Both were equally amazing.

Some pieces from Nana Bijou Jewelry by Natalie Sadigh.  I loved everything with clear, crystal pieces.  :p

We also surveyed the Gypsy 05 collection, which is to “dye” for! :p

She has lots of tie-dyed pieces.  I saw a couple short, silky, wrap dresses, which I have been yearning for.  I can’t wait to use my gift card! (gifted as per FTC guidelines) I’m thinking about the ripped back tee (seen on Miley Cyrus), the stripey sweater (on the poster above), or one of the silky wrap dresses.  They are so sophisticated, yet modern, I need it!

Next we were ushered downstairs to SIXHUNDRED at Spring St: a pop-up fashion store!

Necklaces, shirts, and skirts a plenty!

Me and Erica from Sweets & Hearts

We each received a goody bag with a tee shirt of the store’s name (gifted as per FTC guidelines).

UPDATE: New pics that I got from my good friend Shannah (Simply Stylist) from our Blogger’s Cafe Night!!

A rep from Gypsy 05, Shannah (Student Stylist), me, and Erica Leigh (Sweets & Hearts).

Lookin’ fabulous on a balcony over looking Downtown LA at night!!


Wonderful Kelsi (Dedicated Follower of Fashion), beautiful Kristina (Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly), and meee.

Lovin’ all our tan shoes in this photo.  It was so cool to meet Kristina cuz I’ve been following her blog!

Downtown LA.  Yipee!  Hopefully my soon to be home after I graduate!

Thanks dearest Shannah for the pics! :p


Gypsy 05 Shopping

Shopping online at Hollywood based clothing line Gypsy

HELP!!!  I really cannot decide which piece to get.  They are both SO cute.  I don’t have anything like the skirt, but the top is too unique and awesome to pass up.

In Navy

In Acid Black


Much appreciated!  😀


Follow Gypsy on Twitter @Gypsy05dotcom or shop at

107 Degrees

Oh man was today hot!!!  Pretty sure this is record breaking.  I’ve never seen Southern California get this hot, and along coastal cities especially.  I wore very little because it is just sweltering outside.  Luckily all my classrooms were air conditioned, which I usually HATE!  I would have posted about Two Point Oh! LA’s 3rd Blogger’s Cafe, but everyone who took pictures hasn’t posted yet……ahem….so I really don’t have any pics!  😦

Skirt-f21, Shoes-Old Navy, Belt-FIDM, Bandeau- American Apparel, Shirt-ANGL


Little China Doll

This afternoon I had lunch with my boyfriend’s mom at Island’s.  We are so cool.  :p  To top it off: I got Fruit Punch to drink.  It was delicious and the perfect way to start my day.  I then went to school in the nice September weather.  So beautiful outside!  I am hoping that this weekend will be stress free after writing an essay all last night!  That would be soo nice.

I bought this dress in Japan while I was visiting my sister over the summer.  It is from the cutest little boutique in Sangenjaya.  The light teal color is perfect for warm weather and the lace detail over the pocket is so sweet.  I paired it with my brown ankle boots and a brown western belt that I bought from the FIDM store for $1.  lol.


in the forest

Here are some shots from the photos we took while we were at Arrowhead Mountains.  I am wearing my white H&M dress (that was like $8), my mom’s scarf as a belt, and my sister’s tooth necklace (in the next photo).  We were going for an ethereal/hippie/fairy look.  But it just looks like me sittin in the woods.  :p

They were taken really quickly and we barely had any time to set up or anything!  We were literally being yelled at to get in the car haha.  So it definitely was a fly by photo shoot.  But we got a couple good shots.  Thanks, honey!


Eternal Autumnal Equinox

Fall is upon us in three days! I don’t know exactly what has happened to me, maybe it is my age, but I am just giddy for fall!  I have always been a summer girl: ecstatic to don my skimpiest bikini and sun dresses.  But now, the coziness of fall is simply delectable.  I can taste the pumpkin lattes and cookies, and I smell burning leaves and Santa Ana winds.  Call me crazy, but I love it!

Crunchy leaves, football on TV, delivery pizza, fireplaces, hot chocolate, Halloween costumes, boots, snuggling, and that sense of happiness.  Oh my gosh I can’t wait! :p

Wow I love these editorial slides from W Magazine’s fall shoot.

This is fall.

Dress-Zara, Wedges-Madden Girl, Socks-f21, Scarf- American Apparel, Leggings-f21