“Disasteroid” Music Video Madness

Yesterday we finished filming the masquerade scene for the “Disasteroid” music video in Hollywood, CA.  I could do this job every day, I had so much fun!  I was dressed in an authentic 17th century Victorian costume including undergarments, corset, etc.  It was exquisite!  I tried to pick a few pictures but there are too many to choose from.

For our scene we were sitting at a long dining table complete with red chandelier and gold trimmed china plates.  Jordan also picked out eclairs and tartes and cakes from Bottega Louis in Downtown LA which we were supposed to stuff our faces with, which wasn’t hard at all!

Makeup and 1st 4 layers of the outfit

Corset lacing

Wig, makeup, and full costume  🙂

Mikael, pictured here, made this entire beautiful outfit

On set

Greeting drag queen Tootie during filming.  Who was the actual queen of the party as well.  :p

On the monitor

SO amazing.  Thank you, thank you Jordan for casting me in this music video!!! ❤

All the photos can be seen here taken by the sexy Michael Solomon: http://www.flickr.com/photos/45734039@N05/sets/72157624843127436/



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