Malibu Music Video

I finally gave in to the camo craze!  How’s my outfit lookin’?  This week I bought two pairs of new black knit pants at Charlotte Russe and they are so awesome.  They go with anything!  Perfect for back to school! :/

This weekend was spent filming the band Friend Slash Lover’s music video in Malibu, CA.  Their song is called “Disasteroid” which I have added to the end of my post.  It’ll get stuck in your head.

I had such a blast being in the video it was so much fun.  Jordan Katnik directed the video, designed all aspects, and thought of all the concepts.  I can’t imagine the work involved.  He is so creative!

Well, I had to take advantage of the beautiful cliffs overlooking the beach in Malibu before our shoot.  This is early Friday morning at El Matador State Beach.  The whole day was terribly foggy.

I LOVE these camouflage rhinestone flats I got at Charlotte Russe for $10!!

Vintage men’s watch

Jacket-Charlotte Russe, Knit pants-Charlotte Russe, Shoes- Charlotte Russe

Disasteroid -Song



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